Starting the day at Cornelius Seed during the
detasseling season with roll call.

Thanks for choosing Cornelius Seed for your summer job. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and will do our best to reward you with extremely competitive wages. Along the way our goal is to provide a safe work environment and to develop a good work ethic and attitude on each crew.

Our leaders in the field and office are trained and motivated to see that this job is one you will enjoy, be treated with respect, and paid fairly for.

Because you are a big part of our success, we ask that each detasseler work each day that is requested, show respect to leaders and fellow detasselers, and do their best in the field to ensure efficiency and quality.

If you have any questions about detasseling for Cornelius Seed
please refer to our Detasseling Guide

You may apply online or print the Detasseling Application and
return the completed form to our address listed on the application.


Please enter your date of birth below to apply.