Who is Cornelius Seed?

Mission Statement

Cornelius Seed is an independent regional seed company that provides our customers with the industry's leading genetics, traits and service which maximizes profit on every acre.

We are an American farm family. 


Cornelius Seed is run on the same principles and beliefs of most American farmers. Do things well, do things now, do things simply and do things fairly.


We are an independent seed company.

As an Independent business, like your farm, we are able to choose the best traits and products from multiple suppliers. Cornelius Seed offers choice and competition in the market place.

pallet of seedsWe offer the industry's leading genetics in our products.

We understand germplasm and what it takes to make great corn hybrids and soybean varieties. In fact, we proudly take our products head-to-head against any brand, any number, anytime.

We offer the industry's leading traits bred into the right genetics.

It’s certainly true that genetics determine ultimate yield potential. We believe the incorporation of the right traits protects that potential. It doesn't matter who develops the traits, we evaluate them all and offer multiple options to make sure you get the right combination to maximize profit.

Our product selection focus is based on profit per acre.

Every product decision we make is done in the pursuit of profitability per acre - for you, our customer. We believe that focus makes us more effective at developing more profit per acre than our competitors.


harvest photoWe offer the industry's highest value per acre.

Cornelius has always taken great pride in its consistent and fair pricing. Take the industry's leading genetics, leading traits, fairest prices and the best agronomic management advice, and you have one of the best seed company suppliers in the industry. Sharing management and agronomic practices you need in order to make our products perform at their highest levels, is the finishing touch on providing you maximum income per acre.



We work in a highly concentrated geographic area.

To us, doing something very well in a limited geographic area is far more important than covering a large map. While our focused geographic area of operations gives us a yield advantage, the benefits do not stop there. We can also service your needs, whether that's more seed during the planting season or agronomic oversight and management of a field condition. If you wait to try our products, you are missing out on income per acre. We have built Cornelius Seed to serve you… today's progressive grower. We believe you should be planting Cornelius Seed on your farm and we would be honored to have that privilege.