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About Our Hybrid Names

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The next three numbers represent approximate maturity on a 200-800 north to south scale, with 200 being in the far north. (An example is C282 is bred to maximize yields in the north part of our marketing area while C728 is bred to maximize yields in the south.)

After these numbers, use the information to the right to determine the meaning of the letters.

Using Our Maturity Map

Maturity MapMaturity zone maps, which differ slightly from company to company, show areas that have similar temperature, climate, frost-free dates and killing frost dates. Hybrids tend to mature similarly across these zones.

Throughout our online product guide, you'll find hybrids we recommend for specific zones, depending on specific hybrid traits.

We recommend every customer plant three hybrids to spread maturity risk, including an early, a mid-season and a late-season variety. Beyond that, match our management advice to your specific farm and field conditions.


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