Status N/A


• Tremendous hybrid with excellent yield power
• Widely adapted with moderate drought tolerance, but avoid extreme stress areas
• Excellent Goss's Wilt tolerance and test weight
• Responds to higher N levels with extra yield and improved stalk quality
• Maximizes yield on deeper soils

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Maturity 106
Standability 7
Drydown 8
Test Weight 8
Stay Green 7
Early Vigor 8
Planting Rate 34-38
Ear Type Semi-Determ.
Plant Height Med. Tall
Ear Height Medium
Stalk Strength Very Good
Root Strength Very Good
Black Layer Early
Gray Leaf Spot Very Good
First Generation Corn Borer N/A
Second Generation Corn Borer N/A
Ear Picking N/A
Stress Tolerance Rating Very Good
Adapted Zones (Grain) 1,2,3,4
Adapted Zones (Silage) 1,2
Light Soils Recommended
Corn-on-Corn High. Recom.
No Till Cold Soils High. Recom.
High Disease Pressure/Heavy Residue High. Recom.
High Fertility, High Yield Environment High. Recom.
Marginal Fertility Recommended
15-24 Inch Rows Recommended
Adapted to Delayed Harvest Recommended
Probable Response to Foliar Fungicides Excellent
Goss's Wilt Excellent